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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of computer do I need in order to use works on most Internet-connected computers, tablets and smartphones. The site is compatible with Macs, Windows PCs, iPhones/iPads/iPods, Blackberry devices, Android-powered phones, etc. with HTML5-compatible web-browsers (this is standard with most current web browsers so chances are, you will be able to do the videos on the site). If your TV is connected to the Internet, you can probably access the site and do the videos too.

Q: When I try to watch a video, all I see is a still image…why won’t the video start?

If you are using a slower Internet connection or their is congestion on the network, it can take up to 30 seconds for the video to start playing. If the video still is not starting, please check to make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player — you can get it for free at

Q: How do I watch the videos in High Definition (HD)?

Our videos play by default in standard definition so that they work best for the greatest number of viewers, but if you have a high speed Internet connection and want to enjoy HD quality video, click the HD icon near the bottom right-hand corner of the video player window to turn HD video quality on or off. Please remember that HD-quality video requires more bandwidth so if you are experiencing video quality issues, especially video stalling issues, please turn HD off to see if that improves the overall video performance.

Q: What are the different styles of yoga on this site?

Variety is the spice of life. Here on you will find a diverse selection of yoga classes. Below is a description of the classes currently available. Please read the descriptions and try the classes that speak to you. If you find yourself struggling unnecessarily, don’t give up; try another style with a new teacher. You’ll find the right fit, when your thoughts soften, your body moans in pleasure and your heart sings joyfully. For more assistance please contact:

A gentle yoga that emphasizes posture alignment. This practice enhances muscle tone, flexibility and a peaceful mind. All levels welcome.

Vinyasa: Get ready to work hard, breathe deeply. This energetic and challenging class integrates breath with movement and builds strength, flexibility and core stability. Sequences include sun salutations, standing poses, balancing, and seated postures, twisting postures and may include introductions to arm balances and inversions to keep your yoga practice fresh and lively. Beginners will be challenged, great for the yogi wanting to take the practice deeper.

Flow: A dynamic sequence of postures that synchronizes breath with movement and integrates awareness and alignment, as well as strength and flexibility. Sequencing may include sun salutations, standing poses, arm balancing, inverted poses, and seated postures. You will heat the body up and create a sweat while having fun. Come with an open mind and a willingness to try. Some yoga experience will be helpful, but accessible for all levels.

Anusara-Inspired™: Anusara yoga weaves clear, precise principles of alignment with energetic movement while honoring the deep connection of body, mind and spirit. Challenge yourself with this rich, detailed practice, infused with a philosophy that celebrates life. An invocation is chanted to open the class, check out for the opening invocation.

Ashtanga: A breath-centered precise series of challenging (and sweaty!) yoga postures involving sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, seated poses and back-bends. Only in poses for 5-10 breathes, so the practice is faster paced. Suitable for all levels, best for those with some yoga experience. Modifications will be taught to any beginner students.

A meditative slow-paced class that explores long, deep stretching to enhance joint mobility and flexibility. The class emphasizes stretching the connective tissues, to help increase flexibility. Enjoy a deep stretch especially through the hips, pelvis and spine. A therapeutic class to complement the energetic ‘yang’ styles of yoga and to balance an active lifestyle. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Yoga: Is a dynamic workout that increases your core strength, coordination and stability. Through a non-impact, repetitive movement, this class targets muscle groups that stabilize the trunk and major joints, balancing upper and lower body strength. Using your own bodyweight as resistance, it stretches and strengthens the entire body. All levels welcome, but not recommended for women who are pregnant.

Restorative: A gentle practice with long, supported poses using props. Profoundly therapeutic and deeply relaxing, this class is ideal for those recovering from injuries or illness, as well as those looking to relax and unwind for a long day, or a stressful week. EVERYONE welcome!

Q: What level am I?

Beginner: You’re new to yoga. Either this is your first time doing yoga, or you’re still within your first year learning the basics. We are all beginner students but eventually you’ll have a solid understanding of the yoga language and sequencing. You will also have a well-balanced awareness of your body and how it moves on the yoga mat. The perfect place to begin.

Intermediate/Level 2: You’ve been practicing yoga for a while. You have a solid understanding of the basic principles of yoga and how to align your body. You are ready to deepen the practice, move a little faster and explore the body from all angles. You will go upside down, balance on hands and explore deep variations of yoga postures.

Advanced: You not only have a solid understanding of the practice but you practice regularly and long to go deeper. In these classes get ready to balance on your hands, go upside down and find a new depth both in your body and mind. Some pranayama, meditation exercises, plus inversions, arm balances and challenging postures in these classes.