Shelley Tomczyk

Shelley Tomczyk is an Anusara-Inspired™ teacher in Vancouver, Canada. She is devoted to all aspects of yoga and has been practicing for 15 years. Shelley is grateful to her teachers, Christina Sell, Robin Golt, Noah Maze, Darren Rhodes, Jaye Martin, and John Friend. Anusara® yoga is a unique blend of universal alignment principles approached from a sophisticated biomechanical understanding of the human form and practiced with the support of Shiva Shakti Tantra, the philosophy of Anusara®. Shelley’s teaching is informed by her relentless practice of self-observation, intentional vulnerability and her own on-going studentship. Her dynamic teaching style is challenging, uplifting and fun. She playfully uses storytelling to help students uncover their own process of transformation on the path and in everyday life. Shelley’s favorite part of teaching is seeing students discover a place where joy, passion, honesty and insight emerge spontaneously from within, a place where resting in the exertion of asana brings forth the innate wisdom and grace of the body.

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Deep Hips
Style: Vinyasa
Level: All Level
Length: 60m

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