Whit Hornsberger

Website: http://www.soularchyoga.ca/

I discovered yoga after tearing my ACL in my last year of a five year career playing basketball for the University of Calgary. It was a devastating end to a successful career and to my childhood dream of playing professionally. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that disappointing turn of events were to open up a two and half year global journey of self-inquiry and introspection.

My teaching style derives from that inquiry and is laden with the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and compassion which were paramount to my healing. The ancient wisdom traditions of yoga and Buddhism have been the greatest gift I could ever have received and I am eternally grateful for the long lineage of practitioners and my teachers before me who have passed this wisdom down.

As a teacher my goal is to create an experiential learning environment, whereby everyone feels welcomed and accepted for who and where they are upon their own path. For only when we accept ourselves exactly as we are, can we then begin to change. Whether we are vibinʼ out in a powerful Vinyasa practice or letting go into the stillness of a Yin class, our time together will encourage us to release the burden of responsibility that we have come to class to “fix” the body and mind. It is through this approach that together we return home to the spacious sky-like quality of the mind and the ground of non-judgmental Self-awareness.

Off the mat my practice entails surfing the most beautiful spots on this planet, worshipping the sun gods, making and listening to music, being with family and friends, and being of utmost benefit to all beings. I also love throwing the frisbee and playing croquet. I am grateful to my Guru, Mr. Cat Stevens whose music became a potent source of healing in my youth.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat as we dive into the practice of Self-inquiry.

Ride the Peace Train,

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