Leza Bygrove

Leza was first introduced to yoga as a toddler, having grown up in a very small farming village in southwestern Ontario, where her mother and a small group of women practiced yoga in the local church. As she sat watching them in the corner with her crayons and construction paper, she believed yoga to be a dancing prayer. However it was not until her adolescence that she started to practice yoga on her own, and begin her own journey as a yogi. She found a way to channel her rebellious nature let go of anger and stress, and how to stand up to the demons in herself and others. She soon learned that yoga was not just about being peaceful and kind, it is also about being strong and wild and vigorous. Being non-violent, content, non-attached, kind, peaceful and pleasant are essential yogi traits which she tries to harvest daily.

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Good Morning Flow
Style: Flow
Level: All Level
Length: 60m

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