Jen Ivison

I knew I wanted to teach yoga even before I stepped on a mat. Some part of me instinctively prepared me for it for most of my life, but of course it was one of those things only good hindsight could show me.

A native to Central Canada, I began practice in 2004 in Windsor ON. It was only 6 months later I embarked on my first teacher training in Ashtanga from the Center for Yoga in Birmingham, MI. Since that point, I have explored many styles and disciplines of various wisdom traditions. These include, (but are not limited to) Vipassana Meditation, the Practices of Karma Yoga and Reflection during my 6 months of residence at Yasodhara Ashram, and the study of Pranayama with Shri O.P Tiwari.

And then, there's asana...... :) I have so many wonderful teachers to thank for their gifts, including my fellow yogis of the Bow Valley, with whom I walk the path with every day. And also, my parents for always being supportive of the very 'interesting' roads I sometimes take, even though they lead me far from home.

My special gratitude extends to my current teacher Rameen Peyrow. Over the past year, my studies under him have taken me places that even my wildest imagination had not fathomed. Indeed, if yoga has taught me anything, it's that this world, this place we live in such a 'normal' way every day, is far stranger, more exciting, and wonderous than any concept my mind can dream.

To sum it all up, this path, this life, I settle into the famous words of Pattabi Jois; "Practice, practice. All is Coming".


Jen :)

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Stacking the Body
Style: Vinyasa
Level: All Level
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