Brea Johnson


I began to practice yoga in 1999 and although I could barely touch my toes, I was entrhalled and curious about this thing called yoga. While I struggled and patiently breathed into my tight muscles, I was most interested in how this ancient practice was still so relevant today. This question led me to exploring and practicing a variety of styles of yoga such as Kirpalu, Ashtanga and Iyengar; travels to India to study in the Desikachar lineage, religious studies in university and most importantly integrating the teachings through my own personal experience and relationships.

I have been teaching yoga since 2003 which continues to offer many different opportunities for growh and learning. I have been a yoga studio owner, led numerous workshops and tropical retreats, taught professional athletes and have met an amazing yoga community along the way.

I thought after practicing and teaching yoga for so many years, I had a good understanding of it until I had my son, Leo in 2010. Becoming a mother continues to challenge and inspire like no arm-balance or downward dog can. Talk about putting your practice into action!

My deepest intention as a teacher is to provide the space for you to connect to your own inner teacher. With so many styles of yoga, teachers and gurus, we can forget about the real work of yoga - to know, trust and love ourselves and to be of service. That is yoga to me.

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Opening Your Shoulders
Style: Hatha
Level: Beginner
Length: < 30m

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