Chris Duggan


I began my yoga journey in 2004, to repair old sports injuries. After standing sideways on a snowboard for 5 years in Whistler, and many years of dance. I needed the linear love of yoga! ............... I was instantly addicted.

I have been teaching since 2006,and am a member of the Yoga Alliance and a Lululemon Ambassador. My classes are creative and challenging, but all levels are very welcome. I am always learning from my students and fellow teachers. My ipod is full of "funky grooves", and my playlists are definitely "fun".

I love being adjusted in my practice, so passing on my favourite adjustments make's me feel all "warm and fuzzy" inside :)

I recently started Yoga Retreats in Tofino and Whistler, and making beautiful custom yoga bags. I am currently teaching at One Yoga for the People, Exhale Studio, and the Chopra Center in Vancouver, B.C. See my current teaching schedule here.

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Style: Ashtanga
Level: Advanced
Length: 75m

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Wall Class
Style: Hatha
Level: Intermediate
Length: 60m

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Yoga Tune-up
Style: Vinyasa
Level: All Level
Length: 45m

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Handstand Play
Style: Hatha
Level: Intermediate
Length: < 30m

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