Sue Campagna

Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister. Sprite, Dreamer, Dancer. Lover of Life, Believer in Mankind. Authentic, Passionate. Dynamic, Liberating.

My Philosophy on Yoga: every posture, every breath, triggers an emotion that only we can determine the outcome to be positive or negative. In our Asana Practice of physical postures, we create diverse shapes that are at one with nature. We practice presence; we're not trying to, ‘get through,' yoga. We gather that energy and offer it to the next moment, opening our hearts to a cultivating journey of empowerment, enhancement, and the discovery of our true potential. Yoga is who we really are.

My Classes: your heart is your teacher - know this. Every class is new and exciting, every time! Unique, fun, challenging, and powerful; but most of all, real. I encourage one and all to let go as much as possible. Experience together the quality of love through the acceptance of our bodies and our selves.

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Power It Up
Style: Flow
Level: All Level
Length: 30m

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Viva Vinyasa
Style: Vinyasa
Level: All Level
Length: 45m

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