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Heart musings, in all of their forms, are what keep me connected most deeply - the rhythms of nature, mythic stories, prayer, ritual and sisterhood. As an athlete from a young age, movement was never foreign to me, but the teachings and practice of yoga, quickly offered me a nurturing medium to move my body with more ease, and less struggle, after years of physical exertion. In my classes, you can expect to flow, breathe, contemplate, question and connect to spirit and source, in whichever way you see it. In my teachings I embrace the lineages of Anusara and Vinyasa yoga, and hold immense gratitude to my teachers Sianna Sherman, Kenny Graham, Suzanne Slocum-Gori, Meghan Currie, Christine Price Clark and Mara Branscombe, for all of the wisdom they have bestowed upon me, as I walk this path of Grace.

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Guru Mantra
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